Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that is extremely beneficial because it focuses on releasing the deepest layer of connective tissue surrounding the muscles, joints and tendons. Adhesions made of collagen will bind this connective tissue in it’s effort to repair the body from repetitive motion, a sustained injury or constant muscle tension. These same adhesions also can create pain and limit movement if not addressed properly.

Deep Tissue Massage helps loosen up these tight areas in the body. Deep tissue massage requires clear communication between the body worker and the client in order to minimize the level of pain that the client experiences during the session. A skilled Deep Tissue Massage therapist will work slowly and purposefully to minimize any sensation of pain as he/ she sinks deeper into the layers of the body. Typically, the deep tissue massage therapist will use very little oil to minimize glide on the surface of the body. This allows the therapist to control his/ her pressure, glide and hold on the client’s fascia.

You may feel sore for several days. Afterwards, you will feel more mobile and flexible.