If you have not tried Active Motion Massage: Therapeutic Bodywork, you MUST! Anthony Ebright is a very necessary part of my Health and Wellness journey. He specializes in Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release and Myoskeletal Alignment.

He does an amazing job balancing out all of the challenging workouts I put my body through! After my session yesterday, I am pain free and balanced!

Karen Grotte, Realtor – Pacific Union International

Laura-Z-deep-massage-praise-santa-rosa-caThe gift of Anthony…my first introduction to Anthony and his bodywork was as a generous gift from a generous employer. Anthony showed up at my workplace one day to give me an unexpected, but very welcome massage. Propped up in a massage chair, face poking through the circular opening, I expected the typical ‘feel good’ gentle massage.

What I experienced was what I can only describe as life changing.

I’ve always identified myself as someone who is strong, but not flexible. I was stiff, tight, with shoulders hunched, plagued by decades of back problems, the antithesis of flexible. At 52 years of age I was convinced that it was not possible to change. Anthony, barely applying pressure, confirmed what I thought about my current state of well-being.

While my initial experience was less than comfortable, what Anthony accomplished in half an hour convinced me that improvement was possible. Not wanting to turn into an arthritic little old lady before my time, I immediately booked my first hour long appointment and haven’t looked back.My first two sessions, the experience vividly seared into my memory, were challenging (ok, painful) but I was determined to improve my quality of life.

Anthony, barely touching me, found every tight muscle and worked tirelessly at breaking down the ‘fuzz’ that was attaching muscle to bone and responsible for keeping from realizing my full potential physically. My simple goal was to be able to touch my toes. By the third session, the pain was dissipating and replaced with a feeling of well-being and a sense of accomplishment. Any discomfort I now felt was a welcome indication that progress was being made. I looked forward to Anthony smiling and saying that he had something new he wanted to try out on me!

As talented as Anthony is, with his wealth of knowledge and intuitive touch, he can’t do it all on his own. I also had to commit to take charge of my own progress by faithfully doing my ‘homework’ of stretches in between sessions. This is truly a team effort. I remember the moment when I exceeded my initial goal of touching my toes, and actually placed the palms of my hands flat on the floor. I could hardly contain my excitement and contacted Anthony right away, so proud of my accomplishment. Anthony shared in my moment, my biggest cheerleader on my road to health! It is evident that Anthony truly cares about his clients.

Now months later, I’m standing tall, posture improved and flexible beyond my (limited) expectations, I’m setting new goals for the year ahead and look forward to accomplishing, perhaps exceeding, these goals under the care and guidance of Anthony. I highly recommend Anthony and his bodywork. I feel decades younger, healthier than I have in ages, and well on my way to obtaining the long and lean body of my dreams. Truly a life changing experience.”

Laura Z

JoannaHookgripAs a competitive athlete and health and wellness coach, I’ve tried lots of different bodywork in many different modalities. Anthony Ebright has become my all-in-one guy. I see him weekly, and all week I count down the days until the next session. That’s how much I look forward to and benefit from his work.

What most impresses me is his versatility. If I am training hard and peaking for competition, he goes straight to my problem areas and addresses the cause of any pain or dysfunction so I can continue training. If I’m in a recovery cycle, he uses the opportunity to assess my whole body and fix little and big problems to help me move better, repair, and be more functional.  If I’m overworked and stressed, he works to calm my entire nervous system. After years of trying this and that, I feel so lucky to have found Anthony and cannot recommend him more highly. In fact, I do recommend him to my own clients!

Joanna Sapir, Owner/founder – Santa Rosa Strength and Conditioning

After I left you, I squatted 325 lbs three times thanks to you! I haven’t been able to do that in over a year!

Brandon R, Crossfit Athlete & Firefighter

I had been in pain for three years straight when I found Anthony. I had pretty much given up hope of ever being pain-free again. Anthony is the only practitioner who was able to get me out of pain and keep me out of pain. The first couple of visits were rough, but I got some relief from the continuous pain. After a couple of months, I started having a couple of days pain free.

I saw him every week for 6 months, then went down to every other week. It has continued to improve, and I am now down to once every eight weeks. Anthony is interested in empowering his clients to take care of themselves and to solve their individual issues, and he’s a great cheerleader! I feel like Anthony has given me my life back. I am so grateful to him!
Maureen Caisse, Director – Sebastopol Strings Academy

After one session with Anthony I knew I had found the right bodywork therapist to work through my overuse injuries and imbalances developed by years of distance running and long course triathlon training. After each 90 minute session I had improved range of motion & ease of movement. After two months of weekly sessions, nagging injuries had faded away and my performance in each sport had improved. Perhaps more importantly, I enjoyed each sport more; in essence, I felt younger.

Rob Main, Avid Triathlete, Age 55

Chery.JanisWhen I first found Anthony I was experiencing such chronic muscle tension throughout my body it was making me dizzy & I felt exhausted all the time. None of my traditional modalities of yoga, meditation, regular massage, acupuncture or western medicine were helping. And because of all the stress going on in my life at the time, my muscles were simply responding by squeezing tighter and I felt sick.

After one single session with Anthony all that changed! I suddenly felt alive again. I could feel energy moving through my body. I could breathe more deeply. I felt like I had spent the previous 2 years stuck inside a Genie bottle and suddenly I was freed. Thank you Anthony! I adore you. I bow to you. You have a tremendous gift & I/’m so very grateful to receive your tremendous expertise.

Cheryl Janis, Nature Photographer, Sebastopol, CA

Anthony’s work is truly therapeutic. He really takes the time to get to know your body and create a massage that is truly tailored to your needs not just a typical “deep tissue or spa massage” it really is one of a kind and structured around you. After a session with Anthony you feel renued, relaxed and most of all healthy.

Kila A

Love Anthony’s work. Deep and transformational!!

Keith D

I originally came to see Anthony for a chronic shoulder injury that was preventing me from lifting weights in the gym.  After the initial evaluation Anthony let me know my shoulder pain was just one of the symptoms of a body that was completely torqued from numerous sports injuries and years of sitting at a desk.   He began to clear out a lot of scar tissue from old injuries as well as adhesions from my poor posture and the overall changes in my body are truly astounding. Not only is the shoulder pain gone but my posture has improved significantly.

Anthony’s knowledge of the body is beyond that of most medical doctors who often prescribe surgery because they do not have a deep understanding of how the body works. Beyond the physical, Anthony is also holding the space for healing at a belief level by helping the client become aware of the holding and stickiness within the body.  This work is meant for people who truly want to regain access to a well structured and highly functioning body under the guidance of a true master.

Patricia Gay, CPA- Controller and Tax Services

Austin Pasha ErsanAs an athlete, as well as a strength and conditioning coach, I have had many injuries and imbalances. Some of which I thought I was stuck with forever. Due to his unique and extensive knowledge of the human body, Anthony Ebright has helped me become pain free. Anthony’s hybrid bodywork is second to none and is something I recommend to everyone, from high level athletes to the everyday office worker.

Austin Pasha Ersan, Owner – Sonoma Strength Academy

Anthony is truly gifted in his understanding, development and practice of neuromuscular therapy and body work. He is patient and kind with his clients and takes the time to listen and understand their needs. Anthony has helped me tremendously with the pain in my back and knee that I had for years before beginning to work with him. I look forward to our sessions together and recommend Anthony to everyone!

Gabrielle Chretien

I just wanted to let you know that last night, I slept through without any pain in my shoulder. Thank you very much.

David Voss

In just three sessions Anthony has helped immensely with shoulder, and arm/wrist issues I’d had for many, many years. Prior to finding Anthony, over a six year period, I’d worked with 3 osteopaths and many physical therapists and doctor-recommended massage therapists, and had found very little relief despite 100’s of hours work.

Anthony’s advanced understanding of anatomy & physiology, his fascination with body mechanics and his enthusiasm about each of our potential for improved health and well being (regardless of age or current state of health) has not only proven to be effective in resolving particularly challenging musculoskeletal issues, but is truly inspiring as well. Anthony is open, warm and welcoming, which puts one at ease from the first session. Considering the caliber of his work, it’s not surprising that he is usually booked months in advance, but his work is unquestionably very well worth the wait.”

Laurelai Barton- Nguyen, C0-Owner – The MacAdvantage, Inc.

Sasha KoblerI highly recommend Anthony Ebright’s bodywork for anyone seeking to become more balanced in their body. I’ve been dealing with with injuries due to old miss-alignments present in my body and finally found someone who goes beyond the specific pain and seeks to address the underlying cause. Anthony Ebright is passionate about his work and his understanding of body mechanics is phenomenal. I have lots of praise for Anthony!

Sasha K, Crossfit Athlete

After trying everything out there for my chronic lower back pain, I finally went to see Anthony.  You name it I tried it physical therapy, accupunture, chiropracter, pain medication. Anthony was the one who really got to the root of the problem. Over a short period of time seeing him I was no longer in pain like I was before. He is truly talented and so extremely knowledgable about what he does.

I have referred so many friends and family to see him over the years and he has helped them as well. His knowledge of the body and how it works makes him truly unique, but most of all able to know how to help you. Living with chronic pain put limits on my life in so many ways and made me such a sad person. I feel myself again and am able to do all the things I used to. I am extremely grateful for Anthonys help and kindness!

Lysanna Rangel, Licensed Esthetician / Owner – Puresanna

Anthony The Great!

“Does language bother you?”  


“That hurts like a motherfucker!!!!!”

That was Anthony Ebright’s introduction to me on June 12, 2017 when I became one of his zillions of clients. And where he was pressing really did hurt. When he told me he was barely touching me, I realized that I needed him. And he kneaded me. Synergy.

Why did I need him so badly? In 1984 my left jaw was removed due to squamous-cell cancer. The doctors thought the cancer had spread, so during the surgery they removed lymph nodes out to the end of my shoulder, resulting in severed nerves and whatever else they removed to send to the lab. The good news is that the cancer had not spread, that I was just full of infection from my left eye to my shoulder. And that good news was really good news because it meant I didn’t have to have chemo or radiation treatments following the surgery. After the surgery, a bar was put on the outside of my face to keep the right side of my jaw from falling into the left side. When things healed enough, my jaw and gum were rebuilt, which involved my mouth being wired shut for three months.

As the decades rolled on, the left side of my body began to deteriorate. Missing nerves, muscles, and who know what else took their toll. When I moved to Santa Rosa from Southern California in December 2004, one of the first things I did was find an ENT who specializes in oncology because I had been having my mouth and neck examined twice a year to make sure nothing new cropped up to be dealt with. I really lucked out because my ENT doctor is the best! He’s also a weightlifter and sees Anthony regularly. As the years passed, the doctor could tell that the left side of my body was really deteriorating. I was very active. I played tennis. I ran a lot on the courts. But I didn’t realize my body was becoming so misaligned. 

It must have been sometime during 2016 that the ENT doctor started urging me to see Anthony. I said absolutely not. I saw a chiropractor once a month for a total financial burden of $10 because he accepted Medicare. That was good enough for me. My left side was hurting more all the time, but that’s just the way it was and would be.

But the doctor wouldn’t give up. Every time I saw him, he told me I should see Anthony. Finally, in 2017, he was particularly insistent, so I gave in and said I’d give Anthony a try. 

That was almost five years ago. Through Anthony’s technique of deep neuromuscular therapy, he works to balance my body. Because of the surgery that severed muscles and nerves, a lot of parts are now atrophied and gone with the wind. The right side of my body has to do a lot of the work for the left side. Anthony has kept my body in sync as much as possible. And! At 91, because of Anthony, I can still play tennis…although right now we don’t have four players for our doubles group. Serving tennis balls in my backyard has to do for now.

Bottom line to all this? Anthony is the very best of the best! I see him every other week. You really have to stay on top of things if you want to see him, though. He does no advertising, but he’s booked sometimes two months in advance. And as for me as a client? Every time he finds a muscle that’s really tight, he puts up with my reaction: “I’m going to smack you! Son of a bitch! That hurts like a motherfucker!”

Tina Lewis

At 61, I started into 2022 with a lower back pain that felt crippling at times.  I knew intuitively that I wanted to step toward the problem, not shrink back from it.  Anthony was referred to me by a friend who had a similar outlook as it related to aging and mobility.  I set a goal to run 100 miles with my son in October 2022.  Part of my prep was to work with Anthony over many months.  He helped guide my overall strategy as it related to stretching, ABS and full-body development – all geared toward a stronger, pain-free lower back.
His massage techniques were unique and surprising in the positive impact they had.  Net effect – Although I came up short on the 100 miles, I successfully completed 77 miles (3 marathons back-to-back) in 22 hours of continuous exercise.  I’m blessed with health and mobility – but I need to do “the work”.  Anthony was a big part of that.  He got down to business and brought a sensible, holistic approach – coupled with his unmatched body work techniques.
With Gratitude,
David Leppert (aka ULTRALEPPY)

I came to Anthony because I suffer from headaches and have tried just about every remedy. Anthony was able to relieve my daily headaches with his work and has helped my body adapt to a better posture and overall health.

It is hard to find anyone who has the skills and passion that Anthony holds and I feel lucky to have found a person like Anthony!

Kevin Gallagher, Owner – wpONcall

Anthony helped me recover from two injuries, 10 and 30 years old! I’d been in mild-medium neck and hip pain that long. No other body worker had been able to help me as much. His style and ability to deeply read the body, and work out the pain was amazing. After a few months, my hip pain is virtually gone, and my neck pain 90% improved. I can dance again and do any physical activity I want. Thank you, Anthony for your healing gift, and bright spirit!

Annie Osborn, L.Ac, Naturopath – www.AnniesNaturalMedicine.com

PhilipMorganAnthony is like an Osteopath, Thai Yoga practitioner, Chiropractor, Cranial Sacral therapist, and coach all wrapped up in one. I came into see Anthony because of the many years of severe tightness in my body and in particular my hunched over shoulders as a result of bad posture in front of the computer for way too many years.

Anthony treated me very kindly, never judging, and always educating me on ways to improve and return to my optimal health. After some time working together, I came in and Anthony pointed out that my posture had improved so that the weight of my skull had lightened by 20lbs! With Anthony, I feel like I’m getting the exact personal attention and care I need. He remembers everything and continuously provides positive feedback. I’m getting better and you Anthony are a jewel!

Philip Morgan, Marketing Consultant, Sebastopol, CA

Hi, my name is Yolanda Guerrero. I am a 58 year old female. I retired from Sonoma Developmental Center State Hospital as a Sr. Psychiatric Tech after 25 years of service. I took early retirement, at age of 55, due to physical conditions. I had cervical, Lumbar, and brachial problems. Different treatments were tried such as physical therapy, narcotics, epidurals, braces, and time off. Unfortunately, these treatments either didn’t work or were just temporary fixes. I didn’t have a good quality of life.

Fortunately, my daughter referred me to Anthony Ebright, CMT. I have been seeing him once a week, for the last four months, for his Neuromuscular Therapy. I wish I had worked with him a long time ago! Since working with Anthony, my life has changed 100% and I enjoy it! Thanks Anthony!

Yolanda Guerrero

Anthony is one of the most exciting health professionals I have ever met! He knows more about the body and how it works than anyone else I know. He has been able to work on areas of my body that I never thought could see relief. Beyond all the knowledge, is his excitement in making a difference in people’s lives, I mean a real difference! He cares about how his treatments are working for me, listens and works with me to achieve the best results. He is an exceptional person and professional, everyone should be able to have the opportunity to work with Anthony!!

Jeannie Archbold

Anthony’s work is truly one of a kind. His intuitive techniques of digging through the fascia, finding the trigger points of my pain, and releasing them have been instrumental. Not only am I in less pain, I’m walking and sitting straighter, and have more energy! Thank you Anthony! You’re amazing!

Doris S

Anthony is an amazing therapist and person. I’ve never had anyone that knows so much about the body and how everything is interconnected. He gets right to the body part that’s causing the pain and knows just what to do to make things right again. I will never use anyone else again. Just extraordinary.

Joyce M

I love Anthony’s enthusiasm. He is passionate and cares and in my book the rest will follow. He will only improve an already amazing experience. I’m impatient and Anthony constantly helps me remember the big picture.

Mathew F

Anthony does an outstanding job healing as well as teaching throughout the process. He has created a fantastic personal plan to help me reach my body health and fitness goals. I always leave sessions energized and better balanced.

Chelsea H

Instead of just dealing with relieving the obvious pain, Anthony delves deeper into all the underlying causes within the whole body, not just the symptom you originally visited him for.

Robin M